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Day One — Wednesday May 23, 2018 Morning

Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address: The Future for Waste in the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy

An update on the UK’s commitment to develop its waste and resources strategy to make the UK a world leader in terms of competitiveness, resource productivity and resource efficiency. With renewables projected to overtake gas by 2020 to become the UK’s number one source of electricity generation, what role will waste-to-energy play in meeting policy goals?

Is There a Place for Waste-to-Energy in Today’s Circular Economy?

Our panellists will take to the stage to put forward their argument and defend some of the most hotly debated viewpoints of waste-to-energy. The debate will be followed with audience Q&A, so whether you’re an advocate or a critic, come prepared to have your say!

– Waste-to-energy is a vital pillar of the circular economy and recycling is unable to plug the gap or process the quantity of residual waste.
– Gasification offers many potential benefits over incineration and should be the only option considered in achieving low carbon economy.
– The objectives of waste hierarchy is to reduce waste generation at source, and divert materials to re-use and recycling. We should be phasing out the recovery of energy from waste.
– Waste-to-energy cannot compete with renewables. As a result, investor interest is lagging.

Norway’s First-of-a-Kind Carbon Capture Solution from Waste-to-Energy

The session presents Norway’s game changing carbon capture and storage solution. The project proves the visibility of capturing CO2 from waste to energy to be injected into permanent storage on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Focus on European and Middle Eastern Markets
Networking Coffee Break
Advanced Conversion Technologies: Where do We Go from Here?

– What’s next for the gasification market? Is it reaching maturity or is it the dawn of a new era in development?
– What will act as the catalyst for future growth? How will future infrastructure be funded?
– Will smaller project developers continue to enter the market? Is consolidation on the cards?
– Is policy hampering or helping the case for gasification?

Innovation in Action: Demonstrating the Success of Advanced Conversion Technologies
Networking Lunch Break

Day One — Wednesday May 23, 2018 Afternoon

A Wasted Opportunity; How Can We Enhance Revenue Streams and Improve Returns
Opportunities for the Build-Out of Projects in a Subsidiary-Free World

– With less projects being underpinned by the security of subsidies and long-term feedstocks; how is the industry innovating to make projects bankable?
– Will merchant facilities and industrial offtake agreements become the new norm? How do the economics stack up?
– Which markets and countries offer the greatest growth opportunities for merchant models?
– Do subsidised plants still have a place in the market? Under what conditions are investors willing to mobilise capital towards the commercial and industrial (C&I) waste market?

Networking Coffee Break
Integrating District Hear Networks into Smart Urban Planning

– What can be learned from the success of urban district heating networks across Europe?
– Who’s providing the funding and how can we overcome challenges associated with the planning and construction of projects?
– How effective are district heat systems in optimising efficiencies and reducing cost and carbon emissions?

Making Carbon Efficient Waste Management Happen in International Markets

– How can we mobilise investment in the markets that need it most?
– What innovative business models and incentives are needed to drive waste-to-energy projects and attract private financing in countries with increasing waste flows?
– What’s the hold up in developing waste to energy infrastructure in emerging markets? Who else do we need to engage to push projects forward?
– Given the potential for small-scale application of advanced conversion technologies, can gasification leapfrog conventional landfill and waste-to-energy methods for climate-friendly municipal solid waste management and renewable energy generation in developing countries?

Closing Remarks
Close of Summit

Day Two — Thursday May 24, 2018 Morning

Welcome Remarks

Insight into the scale of the challenge brought about by China’s waste ban and the impact on the waste sector. How can the industry work together to support and build recycling capacity?

Waste Management CEO Debate: The Changing Face of Municipal Waste Treatment

– How has the role of waste management companies evolved over the past few years?
– Will recent changes to recycling targets and export materials affect future waste composition and capacity?
– How is digitization revolutionising the industry? Are we ready?
– What’s driving M&A activity, and should we be anticipating another wave of growth and consolidation?

An Update on the UK Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation and its Impact on the Bioeconomy
Capitalising on Opportunities for High-Value Fuels and Chemicals from Waste

– Which markets offer the greatest potential and who are the early adopters?
– Is the waste-to-jet fuels market finally set to take off? What are the critical success factors in scaling and commercialising sustainable aviation biofuel solutions?
– How have advanced conversion technologies opened up new sources for the production of low carbon chemicals? What are the benefits of choosing syngas as a feedstock for the chemical industry?

Coffee Break
The Role of Waste to Energy in Today’s Megacities

Day Two — Thursday May 24, 2018 Afternoon

Understanding the Benefits of Choosing Advanced Conversion Technologies

– What are the key market factors that encourage the build out and success of gasification projects?
– Should ACT look to compete with or complement mainstream technologies? Where can we find the sweet spot?
– What are the benefits of choosing one method over the other in terms of size and site of the plant? What are the most successful applications of gasification and pyrolysis?

Finding the Funds: Established Routes vs. Alternative Investment Models for Infrastructure

– How will future projects be funded and under what conditions?
– What types of projects are garnering most interest? Are investors seeing sufficient progress with advanced conversion technologies to be comfortable investing in this space?
– What new funding mechanisms are emerging? Who are the new investors entering the market? What’s driving their investment decisions?

Close of Summit

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