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Tuesday May 21, 2019 Morning

Welcome Remarks
Keynote Address: Zero Waste to Landfill and the Role of Waste to Energy in the Circular Economy

Insight into the scope of ambition and delivery plan for building a society that sends zero waste to landfill – and what the subsequent opportunities and challenges might be for the waste to energy industry.

Leveraging Policy to Open Up New Market Opportunities and Boost Profitability

The right government policy at the right time can have a huge impact on opportunity and profitability in the sector. Of course, the opposite can be true too, where either bad policy – or no policy at all – has the power to kill off projects or stifle essential progress. Our panel of global industry leaders explore:

– In which markets are developments in policy driving the industry forwards?

– What needs to be in place from a regulatory standpoint to incentivise waste conversion to energy and resources, especially as we move away from subsidies?

– Where can the biggest improvements be made? Who needs to lead the way?

Session Chair:
James Court, Head of Policy & External Affairs, RENEWABLE ENERGY ASSOCIATION, UK
Adam Read, Director of External Relatins – Recycling and Reclamation, SUEZ, UK 
Hazel Schofield, Head of Low Carbon Fuels Regulation, Low Carbon Fuel, UK DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT (DfT), UK

New Waste to Energy Project Opportunities in International Markets

– China

Oliver Gao, Investment Director, SHANGHAI SUS ENVIRONMENT

– Oman

– Malaysia

– India

Networking Coffee Break
Banks, Private Equity and Soverign Wealth – Where Are the Funds Flowing From?

– What kinds of waste to energy projects are bankable in today’s market? Which projects are attracting finance, and who is backing them?

– Private equity funds are becoming more averse to risk – what is happening here? Is blended finance the answer to get the more innovative projects off the ground?

– How should risk be distributed and what does the future of financing waste to energy look like?

– Are banks softening their risk criteria? What impact could this have on the industry?

– With subsidy programmes running their course and coming to a close, what does this mean for the next 5 to 10 years of financial modelling?

Beth Watkins, Director, FORESIGHT GROUP, UK
Matthew Edgar, Senior Vice President, GREEN INVESTMENT GROUP, UK

Innovation in Action: Demonstrating the Potential for Advanced Conversion Technologies

We hear four joint case studies of successful ventures that have created new horizons, broken the mould and driven industry-defining synergies through advanced conversion technologies.

Synergies of Tomorrow: TUAS NEXUS - The Frontier of The Circular Resource Park Concept
Networking Lunch Break

Tuesday May 21, 2019 Afternoon

The Digital Revolution and Modernising Waste Conversion Infrastructure

While many see waste to energy as the simple burning of waste to generate electricity, waste to energy should be seen instead as part of the digital revolution and part of the infrastructure in delivering smart cities while reducing greenhouse gas emissions as it integrates further into the circular economy.

Cyber Security in Waste to Energy Plants: Industry Fad or Genuine Threat?

Morteza Hadpour Seraj, Director Energy Automation – Europe, Middle East & Africa, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE

Roundtable Discussions

Join one of the most interactive sessions of the programme!

Delegates choose their preferred topic, then join the numbered table in the main conference room.

Hosted by an industry leader, it’s a valuable opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and network with peers focused on the same issue.

Networking Coffee Break
Getting Across the Line: Which Business Models are Working (and Which Aren’t) to Drive Projects to Financial Completion

Looking at the numbers and the need, there’s almost never been a better time to get into waste. The industry is booming alongside rapid population growth and projects are greenlighting in abundance all over the world. While many of these projects reach financial close, some of them on time and under budget, many of them don’t – and some of them may never.

– What are the critical success factors the industry needs to meet, both in preparation and execution, to get these projects over the line?

– Which business models work better than others? Who is leading the way?

Session Chair:
Fredrick Royan, Global Leader: Environment & Water, FROST & SULLIVAN, UK
Jim Michelsen, Senior Industry Specialist – Waste, INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION (IFC), USA
Rob Marshall, Sector Lead – Energy, SPENCER GROUP, UK
Isabel Boira-Segarra, CEO, FUTURE EARTH ENERGY, UK
Stefan Rattensperger, Director – Power and Infrastructure Finance, INVESTEC, UK

What Next for ACT?

Following several high-profile, costly setbacks for advanced conversion technology plants, some major waste to energy players are asking searching questions as to whether gasification and pyrolysis can ever work sustainably at sufficient scale to turn a workable profit. On the other hand, there is still interest from investors and developers – especially in Asia. All the while, conversion to other resources continues to look promising. So, what next?

– Does ACT just need a bottom-line breakthrough and is it around the corner? Does it just need more investment, or subsidies? More patience? Or should the industry turn its back altogether?

– Why are some countries more viable market places than others?

– Would ACT tech benefit from focussing principally on resource creation rather than energy generation?

– Can synergies be developed by incorporating ACT into established, functioning older moving grate tech?

– Is there a game-changer on the horizon?

Ari Kokko, Director of Research & Development, VALMET, Finland
Marcus Du Pree Thomas, Development Manager, VIRIDOR, UK
Ian Brooking, CEO, COGEN, UK

Closing Remarks and Networking Drinks

Day Two — Wednesday May 22, 2019 Morning

Waste Management CEO Forum

– With our eyes on the horizon, where is the industry going?

– What are the greatest development opportunities and obstacles to development of waste to energy and resources infrastructure?

– How far has technology come in driving forward efficiencies?

– Which are the hottest markets right now? Where are you focussing?

– How does waste to energy fit into the broader commercial strategy of today’s leading waste management CEOs?

Session Chair:
Enda Kiernan, President, CIWM, UK
Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO, BEE’AH, UAE

Fuelling Tomorrow’s Fires: Feed Stock Innovation and Evolution

– From e-waste to tyres, wood to textiles, fuel diversification is on the rise – which show the greatest potential and why? – What is the future of RDF and SRF? What impact may the advent of subcoal have on these industries?

– As rates of recycling rapidly increase, consumer behaviour continues in a ‘consume less’ trend and import/export policy becomes ever more mindful of its carbon footprint, should the industry be concerned about how it is going to fuel its bottom line?

Session Chair:
Andy Jones, Vice Chair, RDF INDUSTRY GROUP, Netherlands / UK
Christophe Cord’Homme, Group Business & Products Development Director, CNIM, France

Networking Coffee Break
New Waste to Energy Horizons in Africa: Addis Ababa and Beyond…

Africa is the world’s fastest-urbanizing continent. While city life has helped lift millions out of poverty, the rapid transformation has created a new problem: vast seas of urban waste.

To be more precise – notoriously wet, low calorific waste. Now an Ethiopian entrepreneur is tackling the crisis with Africa’s first waste to energy plant that has been specially calibrated to process Addis Ababa’s challenging waste composition, who has ambitions to replicate this success across the continent.

Samuel Alemayehu, Managing Director – Africa, CAMBRIDGE INDUSTRIES, USA

Riding the Wave of Resurgent Anaerobic Digestion

– Which policies and incentives are driving new opportunities in the Anaerobic Digestion (z world?

– Which countries represent the greatest market potential today and why?

– How should the industry respond to meet the projected boon in feedstock?

– Which technologies are helping to make AD more efficient?

– How far has AD come in cleaning gas up for the grid?

Mike Dann, Director, IONA CAPITAL, UK
Eike Liekweg, Managing Director, BTA INTERNATIONAL, Germany

Lightning Talks: Innovation and Synergy with Waste to Energy Waste Outputs

We hear from companies working to utilise waste to energy waste output in innovative ways, from roadbuilding to greenhouse farming

Networking Lunch Break

Day Two — Wednesday May 22, 2019 Afternoon

Advanced Conversion Technologies: Plastics to High-Value Fuels and Chemicals

– What’s next for the plastic conversion market?

– Which direct conversion to chemical technologies are generating the most interest? Where is the money going?

New Project Opportunities (and Challenges) in International Markets

– Poland

– Czech Republic

Analysing Investment Opportunities in the UK Waste Conversion Market

As it stands, with a large capacity gap and new policy making all the right sounds, the UK arguably represents one of the hottest waste to energy markets on the planet in 2019. New plans mean that 100 more have been proposed. We’ll close the summit out by exploring what this opportunity means and overseas players can get involved.

– What does this progress mean for international developers and EPCs?
– How can investors get into the game? 
– Where are the hottest opportunities?
– Who are the local stakeholders that matter the most and how best to engage them?

Helena Barrett, Investment Manager, JOHN LAING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, UK
Keith Riley, Chairman & CEO, BH ENERGY GAP, UK

Close of Summit