PRESS RELEASE – Quantafuel AS – MAY 14 2019

Quantafuel AS to present at the 2019 World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit in London, May 21-22

Quantafuel has been invited to present at the renowned World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit. The arena has gained global recognition as the summit where deals are made and new partnerships formed between leaders of international waste management CEOs, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, and technology pioneers.

Quantafuel will present information on Europe´s first plastic-to-liquid plant in Denmark, as well as the company´s plan to expand to several sites in Europe. Quantafuel will also participate in a panel discussion on the topic of solving the plastic waste problem and how the company´s technology will contribute to make an important impact on reducing loss of plastic waste to incineration and oceans. 250 International waste and energy CEOs from all over the world will attend, share and discuss the future of sustainable innovations and energy projects.

– The global, environmental problems with plastic waste have gained increased attention over the last 18-28 months, leading to new policies and agreements to change how plastic waste is currently treated. We are honoured that we have been invited to the Summit to present how an environmental disaster can be transformed into a sustainable financial solution, says Kjetil Bøhn, CEO of Quantafuel AS.

– Our plant in Denmark will be an example of how mixed plastic waste with a negative value, can be transformed into high value low-carbon products in a modular set-up that can be used on a global scale.

– Every year Europe needs to get rid of about 27,000 million tons of plastic waste in an environmental and financial sustainable manner, and we will by the end of the year be ready to showcase how this can be done.

The production plant in Skive will convert up to 20,000 tons of plastic waste into new low carbon products in its first year of operation. According to plan, capacity over the next few years will be increased to around 60,000 tons per year. which will be the first of several plants in Europe

About Quantafuel AS

Quantafuel AS is a Norwegian technology-driven energy company that develops, designs and operates production facilities for the production of high-quality chemicals and synthetic fuel products based on non-recyclable waste plastics. Over the past ten years, the company has developed patented technology that transforms mixed plastic waste that today is incinerated, into low-carbon advanced fuel. The waste industry in Denmark and Europe is undergoing a major change, where policy decisions driven by environmental considerations change the flow and treatment of waste within the EU and the world.

As a Scandinavian company, Quantafuel’s ultimate goal is to establish multiple production facilities in Europe, at sites and in countries that adapt the tax incentives and waste policies to benefit environmental goals and form the basis for the introduction of new innovations to combat the growing waste plastic issues at hand.

The climate reduction calculation and direct effect of establishing a Quantafuel plant in a country where pyrolysis technologies are considered as recycling is significant in terms of major savings in CO2 emissions and the reduction of plastic waste that goes into combustion or is considered lost.

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